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The world today needs at least a billion paramedics staff to handle a pandemic of this magnitude- If your interest is to help the world heal and be a hero by saving the humankind from this vicious Corona join AIHS. AIHS is one of the best colleges in Bangalore for best course of B.Sc. MLT
Hey, I just purchased an MX-W2 so if anyone could let me know what matches are currently available to compete in with links that would be awesome!! :)
I shoot 10m air rifle, 3p smallbore, and high power/service rifle.
No problem im not so cleaver in English either :0) but it have been fun to have shooters like you and Sara on the list of practitioners and you get litle more pressure once a week when we do this, we stream direktly into Facebook and we feel it !
Dear Peter,

where should I write, if I was a medalist in the last 10m air pistol online competition, and won a training with a professional coach?

Hey Iron Sight, you beat me in air-pistol.
Wait, next time I will beat you.;) Willi from Canada
It surprised me that so many of my shots actually made it into the black area :)
See you next time. I was in Canada twice, beautiful country. Greetings from the Netherlands. Stay safe!
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