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Mar 3, 2020
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I have SCATT USB. Target version is ST4-12 and Sensor is OS-02. I downloaded the latest version of SCATT Shooter Training System. Version 6.83.17 2020-9-25. The software loaded with no error. When I plugged the Target and the Optic into the USB ports the drivers were installed. Starting a practice session revealed the No SCATT system detected. I downloaded the SCATT USB Diagnostic tool and it revealed no devices connected. Windows 10 Device manager showed USB optical sensor II and USB target controller (wireless) attached to the computer but a Yellow Triangle was overlaid upon each device, indicating a problem with the driver.
My solution was to download and install the Scatt Drivers v.11
The description for this driver indicates it is for Windows XP, Vista and 7. No mention of 10.
But those drivers solved the issue and now everything works. I hope this helps someone else using an older USB system.
Make sure you shut down the USB diagnostic software before attempting to start a practice session as it and the training software cannot share the USB ports at the same time.