US$500 SCATT gift certificate for US$450

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Mar 29, 2020
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I purchased a SCATT Basic with a gift certificate that I bought. I decided to return the unit but, unfortunately, I cannot get my money back on the $500 gift card that I purchased for $450. SCATT only refunded my purchase amount in the form of a gift card. That is why I'm looking for a buyer for the gift card. Just be aware that once the gift card is sold to you, I cannot refund your money. Should you decide to return whatever you buy from SCATT with the gift card, you will get your credit back in the form of a gift card but not cash. You need to know what you really want and you can save $50 with the gift card. I'm not a scammer and can give you good references. I'm sure SCATT would vouch for me. If I cannot find a buyer of my gift card, I would have to re-purchase the unit that I returned because I cannot use the gift card. The SCATT Basic is not a bad tool and I returned it with great hesitation. I like it except for the lighting requirement, the wired connection and the basic software. Thanks for reading this and hope someone can help me out.