Time Shift exactly duplicates coordination (inversed). So what is it useful for?

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May 13, 2020
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Title says all. Did anyone notice? At least this is in the Expert software, but since these are calculations based on the aiming trace I suppose they display the same graphs in all software versions. I remember reading the details of these calculations in some Scatt support file but can't find them again. They should demonstrate the mathematical similarity.

The only difference is a scale multiplication factor: 60 shots with a 9.0 average in the coordination graph will make 540 points on the vertical time-shift scale, whereas 40 shots will result in 360 points but the curve similarity is unaffected.

This selected screenshot shows a bad session that day, with poor coordination (I have severe arm stability issues). There are 30 shots. The curves are clearly identical although reversed, as well in their whole shapes as at the 1/10th sec. scale. It is clear that flattening the time shift vertical scale would be sufficient to precisely reproduce the coordination curve.
Capture graphes coord-timeshift.JPG

In the Expert software it has been bothering me from the beginning to see these duplicated graphs wasting space on the right column.
Any explanation?
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