SCATT MX-W2 System fails to calibrate for the second time!

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May 6, 2020
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After struggling for a week and finally getting a call back from SCATT support we got SCATT pro loaded on a Windows 10 laptop a few weeks ago. 5 days of training a week, all is well.

A few days ago we changed to a lighter (for portability) Windows 10 laptop and loaded SCATT. Cannot get it calibrated. Cannot get a call back from support. Is this just my luck or is it a systemic issue with SCATT? Very frustrated, ready to return this system.

Does anyone else have calibration issues? Is anyone happy with support?


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Sep 9, 2019
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Hello Sir!

Just FYI, the US tech-support line is available until 5 P.M. (Eastern Time). So if you are calling later in the evening when the office is closed, there's no one there to actually pick up the phone. I've talked to my scattUSA colleagues and they've been trying to reach out to you twice the other day and left a couple of voicemail messages - could you check your voicemail inbox, please?

scattUSA employees are going to do their best to contact you today - I'm sure that those technical issues you experience will soon be resolved ;)

Kind regards,

This has been successfully resolved!
A quick reminder for anyone with a camera-based model: double-check that you are actually selecting the event you've printed the target for