Plea for realistic "Make correction" sights adjustment simulation

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May 13, 2020
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In the infinite list of upgrade possibilities and feature whishes, I tend to differentiate between comfort, richness and "look-and-feel" of the apps, analysis functions which are the heart of the Scatt, and quality of simulation and rendering which basically makes the Scatt usable and efficient. Fortunately the latter is extremely good in my opinion, except for one thing which I find simply insane and utmost priority in the learning and training perspective : the aiming correction, equivalent to sights adjustment.

As it exists today the feature is hardly more than having plastic sliders to adjust your gun's sights. Even the most basic system has some calibrated clicks or at least a dial with a scale. Without that you can't evaluate and measure. You can't make a change and change it back. You can't double it, you can't cumulate adjustments and then reset. You can't test a solution then test another and compare. You can't do all you do in real precision shooting. Clicking, evaluating, adapting, try-and-fail, is everywhere. For some shooters it is an essential part of going past the first half of a match. Even when watching highest-level competitions, say world cup finals, you commonly see these best-of-the-best still tempt a last click. Maybe to compensate for stress level, focus disturbance or whatever their experience taught. And do I really need to mention long-range?

This is a part of shooting, a whole field of learning, practicing and improving, that is awfully mimicked, in fact totally inexistent in today's Scatt training experience.

Do it the way you like but please do it.
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