Pistol shooting: moving sensor front/rear to test balance

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May 13, 2020
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Although I had long been very satisfied with the center of gravity and front/rear balance of my pistol, or so I thought, I recently had the idea to test moving the sensor more to the front or back to try other options. It was quite surprising, with very strong effects since my MX-W2 weighs slightly over 50 grams whereas additional balance weights are rather 20 to 40 grams at most. It turns out that having more weight in the front does reduce the effects of my hand instability more than I thought, without making the pistol tipping down nor generating hand fatigue as much as I feared. Hence I found a new balance optimum which will most probably yield very positive results.

I don't think I would have so easily and rapidly carried out such test without a Scatt (not mentioning having to buy expensive weights for possibly no result), and for sure I don't think real fire tries at the range would have allowed as effective result analysis as the shooting simulation.

Great things you an do with a Scatt (y)