Optic Calibration Window Position Problem


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Mar 3, 2020
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When I installed Scatt on my Windows 10 laptop at my house, I had an external monitor connected to my laptop. The dual monitors were configured to "Extend the desktop". The Optic Calibration Window was last positioned onto the external monitor.

I brought the laptop to the range without the external monitor. But when I started the optic calibration, the window was not visible. It was geometrically positioned on the absent external monitor. I could not see it by using WIN+TAB key to show all the items on the desktop. I could not find it by adding a new desktop and restarting the software. In essence, that training session was impossible because of how I had the windows configured, with no way to correct it without another external monitor.

The solution: If you have this scenario, make sure SCATT is running on the laptop screen and the calibration window is also configured to overlay on top of the target screen when you close the software. It remembers the location last used.