New to WS-03 sensor (SCATT WS1/SCATT Biathlon). Where to start?

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Jun 27, 2020
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Hi, I just got the WS-03 and can't seem to get it to work. I bought the biathlon setup. Im launching the app normally, but when I start a training session and tries to calibrate the sensor, Im not getting any response. I have my sight perfectly on the target, and there is still nothing popping up on the computer. I have charged the wireless optical sensor, so it aint that. Appreciate all kinds of help.


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Sep 9, 2019
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So for anyone visiting this thread, I've already helped Kkvelvane (Kjerand) back in June
However, we don't have many threads regarding wireless Infra-Red sensors so I figured this could be a good platform to leave a couple of tips (I'm also slightly editing the thread's title)

With WS-03 sensors (be it SCATT WS1 model or Wireless Biathlon) it's always a good idea to plug in the device and leave it charging overnight right after you unbox it, as we don't know how much time the sensor spent inside that package before you purchased it.

When you plug in the cable, the LED light should get engaged
This light should switch off by morning (with the cable still attached obviously)
This would indicate that the sensor is fully charged and you are good to go

The trainer is built to last and unless you drop the sensor nothing should stop working. If something happens to the battery during the warranty period - 2 years from the date of purchase - the swap is completely free. After those two years, one of our authorized service centers (depending on the region you are from) will be happy to assist with the swap for a small fee.

The DIY swap is really not an option, since the battery is not something you could find in a store (a unique design) and the swap should be performed by trained folks in order not to damage the sensor.

I would not recommend leaving your sensor without any charge for really long periods of time (just with like any other battery really). In some cases, people inherit a WS1 kit that's been on the shelf for ~1.5 years, hasn't been plugged in once resulting in a trip to the service center on their hands. If you plan to take a long break in your training, say 6 months, it would be a smart move to plug it in for a charging session several times during that off-season.

Generally speaking, the sensor is designed to hold the charge for a really long time, don't get me wrong - but don't push your luck too far. Better safe than sorry ;)

With an Infra-Red model, it's much harder to compensate for parallax. Therefore, the way you mount that sensor should be optimal from the get-go. It would be a mistake to mount it directly on your sights, like on the picture below, since the distance between the sensor and the barrel's axis is way out of our comfort zone.
The mounting option below (directly on the barrel, 11 o'clock) is way better

Please, note that the pics above are from a USB model (another user).
When practicing with WS-03 (SCATT WS1/Wireless Biathlon) DON'T plug in the cable - it's only for charging!