MX-W2 calibrating properly but not accurate during shooting

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May 29, 2020
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I'm on the biathlon team and we have been trying to use the wireless MX-W2 system to track life fire shots at our 50 meter range. Everything connects properly, setup works without issues and I am able to calibrate the sensor, but once I calibrate and continue with the shooting session the program no longer records shots or tracings properly. Shots are recorder in the 5-6 ring when all shots are within the 8 ring, and the trace is usually somewhere way off target but then somehow the shot records as a hit. Also, the trace settings are set to 15 sec before the shot, yet the program is only recording a few milliseconds before and after, and, again, not accurately at all. I'm at a loss since everything looks fine during calibration, but then falls apart during the session itself.

Any advice?


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Sep 9, 2019
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As far as the at-the-range practice is concerned:
In order to properly set up your trainer at the range and avoid false shots getting recorded (may be caused by the reload sound queues) as well as improve the trace readings, you need to set your "Shot Sensitivity" approximately in the middle of the slider, enable the "filter foreign shots" option and perform a live calibration shot (with the ammo).

Also, make sure you are calibrating aiming at the most left target with all 5 not covered. This is crucial for Biathlon

On top of that, you need to double check that the focus ring on the sensor is set to 50:
In order to adjust the focus ring you need to loosen the screw inside the dovetail (highlighted below with a green arrow) rather than a tiny screw on the focus ring itself (highlighted with a red X and an arrow)
The default allen wrench that we supply can be used to tighten the sensor to the mounting plate AND adjust the focus ring. Go ahead and loosen the screw at the top just enough so that the focus ring slider moves freely, then set the focus ring to match your new physical distance and tighten the screw back (but don't apply too much force, it's not necessary)
You probably don't need to put this Iris (the pic above) on
So try taking it off (but this depends on how sunny the day is though)

Issues with paper targets/indoor training are most likely due to the lighting:
We highly recommend using only flicker-free LED lamps with "warm" spectrum (2700K), incandescent lights or any standard halogen lamp to ensure that not only your SCATT sensor can easily detect the target but also so that your eyesight is safe during every training session.