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May 13, 2020
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In the video the first shot is a 2 à 9o'clock and it is corrected all the way to an 8. This is a huge correction.There is no way this way of correcting will work well with my MX-W2 and Expert soft. If I did it this way my next shots would be anywhere far on the right and most importantly the correction would not be in the good direction (almost straight to the right) but it could by at a 45° angle up or down.
If I ever had such a far offset (which never happens as it can only result from a really bad calibration) I would have to move it no more than 2 zones at a time and correct incrementally.

I do well understand the rule-of-thumb of half correction. It is close to what you do in reality when a large adjustment is necessary, and it is good practice. I do so and suppose all competition-level shooters have that well learned.
So it does not explain how it can be so difficult to reproduce sights adjustment with the on-screen Scatt correction.
By the way in the Expert software you have to mouse-click the new position. I wonder how it compares to dragging the shot, but my intuition is that dragging is better.
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