installing SW Scatt on PC Mac M1

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Apr 10, 2021
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Hello everyone
I bought last year a Scatt Model WTC 01. I installed the SW on a Win 10 pc without any problems and everything worked properly. For work needs I had to camp Pc and now I have a Mac M1 I tried to install the program for mac Os both the basic version and the expert version. the program installs but after putting the name of the shooter, in the HW configuration tells me that there are no sensors connected how can I solve this problem ?
thank you all for the collaboration


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Sep 9, 2019
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Hello there,

Your trainer model: WTC-01 is this thing, a control box used in models such as SCATT USB, WS1, and WM9

So whatever your actual trainer model is, it 100% works exclusively with the SCATT Pro software (it's not compatible with BASIC/Expert, so feel free to uninstall those).

However, SCATT Pro runs only on Windows OS by default, that's why you struggle on your new MAC

You can still practice on MACs, but you would need to install a virtual machine first and boot SCATT Pro through said virtual machine. We highly recommend either Parallels or VMWare as the two best options.
Both are perfectly compatible (I got no feedback with the M1 chip yet, but should probably be OK) so pick either one based on personal preference. Here's the link to SCATT Pro and the drivers - that is all you would need apart from a virtual machine