Good for 9mm rapid fire for bullseye?

Nov 15, 2020
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Is the SCATT MX-02 capable of recording traces, hits, etc., for 9mm bullseye?

I'm sure slow fire is fine.

But what about shooting 5 shots in ten seconds? Will they all be recorded, including recoil, target re-acquisition, etc.?

Anyone try this?

And what kind of mount would work? I see a SCATT mounted on what looks like a Glock, but not the bracket in any accessories.


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May 13, 2020
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I had the same question and all I could find for an old .22LR competition pistol was this barrel insert, meaning only dry-fire. However there are Picatinny rail adapters for many 9mm pistols including Glocks, like here for instance. I wouldn't know if they are stable enough to very precisely hold a Scatt sensor throughout the shot and recoil, but at such a low price it's worth a try.
Keep us updated if you try this, it will be interesting :)

Regarding rapidfire (is it ISSF 25m standard pistol that you have in mind with 5shots/10sec? ) it was already discussed and the answer is that only the biathlon Scatt product supports it. You can read a discussion here. All other sensors require the bullseye to get out of the field of view of the sensor, which would be possible (although at a disadvantage) for the 20sec sessions but certainly not the 10sec.
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