Bench Rest Long Rifle with SCATT Basic

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Nov 5, 2020
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Help needed with Basic software.

What do the different ledgends mean in the results column - D R T S1. I'm guessing R is Result, T is the total time, but what information do D and S1 give me please?


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Sep 9, 2019
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Hello there,
  • T indeed stands for Time: this parameter highlights the time a shooter spent aiming. Recorded from the moment your aimpoint entered the target up to the shot release (when the trigger is pulled).
  • S1 shows you the average speed of your aimpoint during the last second before the trigger is pulled.
    Calculated in millimeters per second. Generally speaking, S1 can tell you how steady the gun was at the final stage of taking a shot. The lower the S1, the better one’s hold stability is.
  • R is the result and D is the direction your shot-hole has deviated from the bullseye.