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Feb 17, 2022
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Hello, I have two questions about the target and use of the software.
FYI I am currently using MX-02.

Question 1.

I realized that in SCATT Professional that I can print out the target "25m N4 (9.0mm)", which is identical to the "Law enforcement" target in SCATT Expert. But when I tried to use the target for data collection, the target is not on the list. In other words, I can only print out the target, but I could not use it in the software.

Is there any way to use the target in SCATT Professional?

Question 2.

The shot result printout in SCATT Expert with "Law enforcement" target has a problem.
As I tried to print the shot result, the image of the target blocks most of the contents.

Is there any way to get a normal printout of the shot result with "Law enforcement" target?

Thank you.


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