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10.0 shows the percentage of time your Aimpoint was within the 10-ring during the last second before the shot (control time intervals can be adjusted in your settings). You can also choose to display the 10.5 parameter instead in the settings.

The role of this parameter in your training depends on what goals are set by you or your coach. An athlete could hypothetically still shoot straight 10’s with low 10.0 percentages, however, only by reaching for high 10.0 values significant consistency can be achieved.

For example, if a shooter’s goal is to hit 97 points per series, 10.0 needs to be (approximately) above 70%, which will enable him/her to hit 7 tens out of 10 given the standard distribution and remaining shots being 9’s. However, a 97-point series will be effectively secured only if the 10.0 parameter is significantly over 70%. If an athlete is aiming at sustainable 99-point series, this data-point needs to be over 90%.
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The first sentence is not strictly correct (unless the F Coefficient is set to zero). You can have an aimpoint trace that is completely within the 10 ring during the last second (control period) which does not give a 100% value for 10.0. 10.0 actually measures the percentage of the last second that would have resulted in a score of 10.0 or better if the shot had been fired at that instant (similarly a score of 10.5 or better for the 10.5 metric). Even if your aimpoint trace was within the 10 ring, if it was moving outwards towards the edge of the bull at the time you fired, the projected shot can end up outside the 10 ring (see the tip on DA). As well as the direction of movement of the aim point, the proximity to the edge of the 10 ring at the moment of shot release and the value of the F Coefficient will affect the probability of the shot landing outside the 10 ring. Change the F Coefficient and you will see the values of 10.0 and 10.5 change.