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    Zurich Winter Competition - ending 12 March 2359 CET

    All - another remote competition organized by the Zurich Shooting Federation. Details in English on the below Excel file. 60 round - Scatt or electronic targets. Latest date to submit 12 March 2359 CET...
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    10m Air Rifle

    Agree but you are not on your own. There is regular competitions also organised by one of the Swiss Shooting Federations (Zurich). They have regular online competitions open to anyone around the globe. I am taking part from South Africa. Here the invite link...
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    Scatt USB not working - seen as Wireless by Windows 10

    Hi Peter - I have a Scatt Installation with a friend and it suddenly stopped working today. Below the error log. I can‘t figure out what the problem is. Can you please help or possibly do remote diagnostics with him. Thanks a lot - Happy New Year. Stefan
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    10m Air Rifle

    Hi there. Thanks for organising this competition. Here is my file. This was shoot in Cape Town, South Africa. Merry x-mas to all of you.
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    10m Air Rifle

    Thanks a lot ! Working. File will come soon.
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    10m Air Rifle

    HI there. How can I export the file from the Android Version or does it only work with the Windows Version ? Thanks.