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  1. Ramon OP

    Can't share with apps from new SCATT Expert for Android

    Hi all, Since the update of SCATT Expert for Android I am no longer able to share to any app with my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. The only options available are direct link and Bluetooth. I can't either find the SCATT directory with the My Files app to share the whole database. Has any of you...
  2. Ramon OP

    Shot ISSUE

  3. Ramon OP


    Que les impacts soient décalés dans la calibration n'est pas important. Une fois la calibration est faite il faut corriger la position du tir au mi chemin de là où cela aurait du atterrir. Ceci est fait avec les corrections sur l'application SCATT, pas avec des clicks dans l'arme. C'est normal...
  4. Ramon OP

    Hold steady

    Conditioning arm with holds, improving balance and core muscles, not forcing the trigger release.
  5. Ramon OP

    Online SCATT MX-W2 and Expert manual

    With permission from SCATT (thank you Peter!) I've uploaded and formatted the MX-W2 and Expert manual to make it easy to read on mobile phones and in the hope that it will show up in search results and help solve a lot of questions. Thanks, Ramon
  6. Ramon OP

    Correction to take effect on all shots - SCATT Basic!

    Great idea to implement some challenges and games scoring. I wonder how to do it in a way thay is not too distracting while training. Presets?
  7. Ramon OP

    Fixing a match

  8. Ramon OP

    MX-W2 and Expert mobile app review

    Hi all, I've just published a long review, how to and troubleshooting guide for the MX-W2 wireless sensor and the Expert mobile app for Android and iOS. This is the table of contents with direct links to the different sections (it is a long article) Unboxing Hardware: SCATT MX-W2 (WiFi...
  9. Ramon OP

    InBand Electronic System and Scatt

    Yes, they work fine together. You can use both at the same time, which can be distracting if you look at both screens, or just turn on the target to have the lights and use SCATT without using inband's software
  10. Ramon OP

    InBand Electronic System and Scatt

    They are different tools. I use both and have written reviews and info about the Inband and SCATT. Think about SCATT as the tool to help you understand what happens while you are in the aiming zone (approach, hold, trigger, follow though...) The inband gives you a result of the impact of the...
  11. Ramon OP

    making correction with the scatt during live fire

    Move the shot half the way in the direction of where it should be. When you adjust the zero in your gun it is not taken into account by the software.
  12. Ramon OP

    Does moving the SCATT sensor up or down the barrel have an impact on the result detected?

    This is probably me going to far, but does moving the SCATT sensor up or down the barrel have an impact on what it detects? I'm asking this in case it does have an impact because of angular momentum, if the closer it is to the muzzle the faster it moves and the more force that it is subjected...
  13. Ramon OP

    scatt trainer e google meet

    I've done online competitions and trained with my coach remotely. To have more helpful information on their screen I shared my screen with the SCATT app and two live feeds (webcam behind me on a tripod and computer camera). I did this with OBS so that I also had a backup live feed that could be...
  14. Ramon OP

    Forum moderation?

    I do and welcome it. Got tired of spam in the forum.
  15. Ramon OP

    How to coil the SCATT USB and Ethernet Target cables so that they are straighter and unwind without knots

    I've made a video explaining how to coil the cables that come with our SCATT devices. I discovered this method when I had the USB SCATT and was frustrated with setting up the cable to the target for every session and how the USB cable stayed all curly, which made it uncomfortable to train with...
  16. Ramon OP

    Your experience with the SCATT Wi-Fi sensor (MX-W2) and their Android app?

    Totally agree. Thanks for making the effort to help SCATT help us :)
  17. Ramon OP

    Unable to Change Shooter/Open Previous Files in Pro

    You can use the Expert software and import all the previous training sessions. When I've had trouble with a session in Pro it opened in Expert. The problem is that you can not export from Expert to Pro. Your sensor will also work with the expert software.
  18. Ramon OP

    Scatt Basic - View of practicing shots

    That's not what is happening with mine. It holds the charge.