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    Round 2

    Here is my attempt - you'll note there are 62 shots and two shots with zero score. In both cases the Scatt picked up the sound of me closing the bolt as a shot. Guess I may need to drop the sensitivity a bit. Up to you if this is -4 to the score or you ignore the zeros - I doubt it will impact...
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    Calibration problem

    OK, worked it out, me being stupid/misunderstanding the buttons. When you calibrate during a practice, the practice screen has the buttons: Back to shooting , clear screen, continue (or similar). I took 'back to shooting' to mean 'I've recalibrated, I want to go back to shooting' it actually...
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    Calibration problem

    Hi, I'm using an MX-02 with the 19.10.23 (mac-os) software. Everything was going well, I had my lighting sorted out (target lit with a powerful halogen site lamp and no other lights on). This is prone shooting at 5m using a correctly scaled UK 25 yard indoor target. The adjustment on the scatt...