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  1. IronSight

    Online course i found

    Hi, i stumbled upon a training course by Hemant V. Jadhav. Does anyone have experience with his training course? Foresight shooting
  2. IronSight

    How a 4 meter range became a 10 meter range

    I just tried this and it works like a charm. I put up a mirror and suddenly i'm the proud owner of a 10 meter range :) (ipad for a target). It is 4 meters from where i stand to the mirror, my usual training distance. ... then 6 meters from the mirror to the wall with the ipad target behind me.
  3. IronSight

    Update 20.04.36 2020-04-27_15-06

    I noticed software updates are available for both basic and expert. Any release notes?