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    Unable to import 1 file

    Thank you Sir. Your insights were really helpful. Best regards, Suraj
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    Unable to import 1 file

    Yes Sir. We are unable to load a file created by SCATT Expert into SCATT Pro. Sir I believe there are some additional graphs and information available for analysis in the Pro version, which has yet not been incorporated in the Expert version. I was just wondering wether it could be done, if...
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    [NEW] The Average Trace Speed Graph

    Sir I also agree that this would be a useful addition to our software for analysis and error correction purposes.
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    [NEW] The Time Shift Graph

    Sir, As mentioned above, even I noticed that the Coordination and Time-Shift curves are inversely correlated to each other. The peaks in one graph match the troughs in the other and vice-versa. We could use either of the graphs to plot the other, and the numerical information which both lead to...
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    Unable to import 1 file

    Sir, I am facing the same issue as mentioned above. I have the SCATT MX-W2 and the SCATT Expert supporting software for the same. I record and save my practice session on my SCATT Expert software, but when I export the saved file and my coach tries to Open it on his SCATT PRO software, an error...