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    Shot ISSUE

    Has anyone had an issue with the MX-02 that After you calibrate the sensor and shoot 2 sighter shots that the next shots are way off call. Both of my sighter shots were 10.4 and 10.1 then my shots dropped out the bottom. I was like no way. Nothing changed
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    aiming Area

    Hey gang. I'm still trying to get a grip shooting with a Scope. We really don't have any coaches here in Hawaii. So I try to use the scatt as much as possible. But what I have been seeing with my slow fire shooting is I have a habit of hitting low right, Now I have corrected my trigger finger...
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    making correction with the scatt during live fire

    I know how to make corrections during dry fire, but I'm now sure what to do during live fire. When I make a shot the scatt calls the shot a 10.8, but the shot was actually is low 9. I tried making the correction as a 9. but that just made things worst.
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    Display aming Zone

    So I have been trying hard to improve my prone Position and practice with the MX-02 System. What I noticed today is When I'm in the position and roll over on my gun. my NPA is just above the center of the target. When I settle I'm aiming center, but when I go back and replay the shot. The...
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    black circle

    When you are calibrating and you shoot with the Black circle. How important is it to have the shot in the middle of the circle
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    Distance and focus ring on the MX-02

    what is the difference between Distance dial and the focus ring on the Scatt MX-02
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    So I calibrated the System and when I shoot it come up center, 3 shots on top of each other, but when I change over to practice the shots are all over the place. Even when I make a correction move the next shot is way off call. What am I doing wrong? Distance is 5.1 I'm using the MX-W2
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    Scatt expert for android

    How can I install the software on my table or android phone