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    Scatt basic fix a shot

    Good day, Has anyone experienced issue with Scatt Basic not able to “fix a shot” (reposition a shot after calibration). The button doesn’t seem to do anything and once a while there’s a faint flicker of text at the bottom of the screen which disappeared so fast I cannot read. Thanks
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    MX-02 / winter static electricity

    Thanks Peter for chiming in. The Expert does recover from it. When the "zap" happens you hear the signature Windows USB connect/disconnect tone. Expert carries on after a quick delay, while Pro will not resume tracing until the program is restarted. Since the "zaps" usually happens during...
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    MX-02 / winter static electricity

    That might have to be the solution if the Pro version doesn’t get an update to address that. You’d also think there’s a wire to the computer which would help with grounding...
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    Scatt Basic and delay on different Computers

    I have noticed on my underpowered laptop the trace is more jagged while on battery power (ie reduced CPU).
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    Strange traces with a new PC (Windows 10)

    Have you tried putting a barrier around the midpoint of the lane? (e.g. a box, a Christmas card standing up). Could be the IR bouncing off the floor.
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    Shooting with dryfire at 10 intead 25 meter issue

    I wonder if the discrepancy in score is due to deviations inherited from the weapon. Scatt may not account (and arguably, should not) for inaccuracies due to the firearm / ammo / recoil / distraction by noise...etc but not due to the aim. It would be interesting to see if Scatt produces similar...
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    Problem in dry shooting

    Unfortunately it does not. We're happy with our setup for 10m air rifle training for a group of 20-30 people. - WS1 to start, quite happy with the system, albeit mobility issue. We rarely travel with them. The pro software was great. - MX-02 was a trial purchase when it first came out with...
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    Problem in dry shooting

    Does your MX-02 have the outdoor filter (iris diaphragm; pg4 #3 on manual) installed? If so, take it off for indoors. I have experience with 3 versions of Scatt and the MX-02 is by far, without hesitation, the most high maintenance one. Maybe it'll work better at long distance but not the 5-10m...
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    MX-02 / winter static electricity

    Good day, Has anyone with the MX-02 noticed that it is sensitive to static electricity? Here in the northern climate we get zapped constantly in the winter (door knobs, car handles...etc) and that seems to disturb the MX-02's connectivity. The USB would disconnect and the Expert software seems...
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    IR interference from other trainers?

    We used to have 2 side by side WS1 for the standing position and they were interfering with each other. We simply put up a cardboard up the middle of the lane, separating the lanes, so the sensor cannot see the other target / frame in a straight line. That seemed to have solved the problem. The...