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  1. Deepten

    Reading numbers.

    Hello. Quite alot of prone training on the Scatt Basic (see picture). Scores are getting much better - but S1 parameter is always near or over 100. Can you recommend ways to improve S1? Thanks
  2. Deepten

    Inaccurate impacts

    Hi Im having issues with the impacts jumping all over (no its not me this time).. I shoot a nice group of 10s then it jumps to 4s or 5s. Im shooting indoors. No windows, no airstreams. Just couple of led lamps close to the target. Prone shooting. Any ideas what is causing this jump in impacts...
  3. Deepten

    Printing out target

    Hi I need prone targets for 2,5m and 3m range at home. Im having problem sending it to printer. can I make these targets on PDF format and then use them? Or can anyone help me there? thanks