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    SCATT Android - profiles or ability to tag session with shooter name

    I might just be missing how to do it but it would be great to be able to have profiles by shooter, same as in the PC software. Right now I don't see a way of segregating practice sessions by shooter in the Android version. I use my phone for both me and my daughter's practice sessions and there...
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    How does SCATT unit determine distance / scale based on distance

    This is for the SCATT MX-W2 Let's say I am shooting at 10 meters and have the focus / distance ring on the unit set to 10 m. When I print the target I specify a distance of 10 m. When I run the software on my laptop I do not specify the distance to the target, just select the type of target I...
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    SCATT MX-W2 - Initial impressions for highpower practice

    I ended up buying a MX-W2 and have used it for about a month now. Thought I would share some of my initial impressions. I have only used the unit indoors, at 10 meters and 15 meters. The TL;DR; version - it works great and I have learned several things about my shooting in a short period of...
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    Detection of trigger vs closing bolt on AR-15

    Closing the bolt on an AR-15 is a loud event, as the bolt slams into battery. Is the MX-W2 and MX-02 able to differentiate between closing the bolt on an AR-15 and the pulling of the trigger? I.e. how to avoid that closing the bolt is registered as pulling the trigger. Or is this avoided as...
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    Battery replacement

    Is the battery in the MX-W2 replaceable through service, and if so, how much does it cost to replace? Since all rechargeable batteries eventually lose their ability to hold a charge I'm trying to get a better understanding of what could be done at such point (hopefully years in the future) and...
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    Question to highpower shooters who owns a SCATT

    I am looking at buying a SCATT unit, primarily to use for practicing offhand (SR1 target) and prone slow (SR3 target). For those of you who own a SCATT and use it for practicing high-power shooting I would very much appreciate insight on the following: - Which SCATT unit / model do you use and...