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  1. Ramon OP

    MX-W2 and Expert mobile app review

    Hi all, I've just published a long review, how to and troubleshooting guide for the MX-W2 wireless sensor and the Expert mobile app for Android and iOS. This is the table of contents with direct links to the different sections (it is a long article) Unboxing Hardware: SCATT MX-W2 (WiFi...
  2. Ramon OP

    Does moving the SCATT sensor up or down the barrel have an impact on the result detected?

    This is probably me going to far, but does moving the SCATT sensor up or down the barrel have an impact on what it detects? I'm asking this in case it does have an impact because of angular momentum, if the closer it is to the muzzle the faster it moves and the more force that it is subjected...
  3. Ramon OP

    How to coil the SCATT USB and Ethernet Target cables so that they are straighter and unwind without knots

    I've made a video explaining how to coil the cables that come with our SCATT devices. I discovered this method when I had the USB SCATT and was frustrated with setting up the cable to the target for every session and how the USB cable stayed all curly, which made it uncomfortable to train with...
  4. Ramon OP

    Your experience with the SCATT Wi-Fi sensor (MX-W2) and their Android app?

    Hi, I'm writing a review of the SCATT Wi-Fi sensor and of their new mobile app for Android, and have been testing both for a couple weeks. Peter is kindly answering questions, but I would like to also get the pulse of the coaches and shooters using it. For those that are using the sensor or...
  5. Ramon OP

    Interview with the creator of SCATT-database

    I have just published an interview with Thomas, the creator of the website. If you do not know his site, it is a place to upload SCATT files that can be then viewed online, shared, compared to others... For the Pro version of the SCATT files he also offers an interactive online...
  6. Ramon OP

    40+ suggestions for the "perfect" SCATT

    Hi all, I've just finished my list of over 40 suggestions for a "perfect" SCATT. Some highlights: Match mode. Speed, momentum and direction of gun muzzle at the moment of shot release. Allows to change default replay start (eg: only replay from 2 seconds before the shot). Highlights and...
  7. Ramon OP

    SOLVED: Twice the mm/s speed for the last two sessions. Is it me or the sensor?

    Hi all, I've had a couple really weird trainings where my mm/s has doubled from what I usually shoot, now basically anywhere from 300 to 500mm/s. I find it very weird and can't understand if it is me or the sensor that suddenly is going nuts. This is a major mental disturbance when training...
  8. Ramon OP

    Is the exit trace after calibration on Professional a reference for where the MX-02 is aiming?

    This question entered my mind after reading a thread here about calibration and centering the calibration shot. After calibrating the MX-02 on the SCATT Professional software the window closes automatically and I can't see where the shot has landed in the circle. I know it has landed in a good...
  9. Ramon OP

    Directory of coaches

    You can use my free directory of shooting sport coaches to find a coach in different countries and also to work remotely.
  10. Ramon OP

    SCATT Expert review from a pistol shooter

    Hi all. I've just published a review of the SCATT Expert software and also compared it to SCATT Professional. I hope you find it useful. I've also linked to this forum with the hope that more shooters and trainers will join :)