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    Scatt mx-2 usb for very short distance

    Hi , I believe the minimum distance required for scatt is 2.5 metres, but all i have is 1.5 metres where i practise,( measured from where the barrel ends to the wall) so, all my trace and shots are ending up at 12’o clock from the centre of the target, I have given the rifle sight some down...
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    Software versions comparison

    Thank you so much for the info, also cluld u tell me why i am not able to see the shot numbers on the left side which records all cards and trace?
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    Software versions comparison

    Can u please tell me which of the two is better, pro expert? Do they serve different purposes? I have installed the latest versions of both. Also, I’v been using pro for some time , and i dont see the shot numbers on the target ( left side where it shows all the results.)