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    MX-W2 current firmware version?

    Hello! Yeah, this one pops up for some users Just FYI, this error message has nothing to do with any real malicious software/threat - it's due to some internal protocols getting outdated You need to simply force-run the app via Security & Privacy once in order to get past this error for good...
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    MX-W2 current firmware version?

    Hello there, Yes, it is! The rule of thumb here is to make sure that the software version is in fact the latest (should match what we have on the official website), highlighted in my screenshot. As long as those match and the status reads "firmware is up to date", you are all set :)
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    Using different F values for dry-fire depending of training goals

    Hello there! The F coefficient has been "rebranded" in Ballistic Ratio when we launched Expert :) Here's where you can adjust this setting within the app
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    Calibration issues

    Hello, I'm sending you a direct message with my WhatsApp number Please, take some pictures of your target setup and send them to me - we'll work this out in no time :)
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    Scatt MX-02 not picking up shot during calibration

    Hello, That's most likely due to your lighting setup judging by the symptoms you've outlined Ambient lights from the ceiling won't cut it, since you need to have at least 1000 LUX evenly spread across the face of the target (so no dark spots, shadows and whatnot). Thus, it has to be an actual...
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    Scatt MX-02 not picking up shot during calibration

    Absolutely right, the ultra mode pretty much amplifies the main slider. Thus, if you left it all the way to the left side with the mode engaged, it would result in excessive sensitivity and a ton of false shots. 50% is a great move on your part, glad we have figured it out :)
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    Scatt MX-02 not picking up shot during calibration

    Hello there, Does the trigger pull click yield a registered shot during the Calibration without "Ultra-sensitive Mode" engaged? If you turn the mode off and the trigger actions gets picked up by the microphone just fine, you don't need the mode to begin with. Just tick the ultra box off and...
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    Scatt MX-02: Scatt Professional asks for software update, while no update seems to be available

    Hello! Yes, that link is indeed dead Here I uploaded a bunch of previous versions of our updater app - one or the other should work 1. 2019 2. 2018 3. 2019-03-18 And here is a backup link, albeit this one shall expire in a week All links are greenlit for your email - the one that you've...
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    MX-02 and iPhone

    Makes sense! By the way, our mobile app comes with Android/iOS version requirements (well, as any other app out there) and I think you might want to know them in advance. So your device should be either Android version 6.0 or later and iOS 12.0 or later when it comes to Apple products Make...
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    MX-02 and iPhone

    Hello there, Mobile compatibility is exclusive to SCATT MX-W2, as it's the only wireless trainer in our product range :)
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    ''Time'' in the shot list

    Hello there, The "T" parameter highlights the time a shooter spent aiming. It's recorded from the moment your aimpoint entered the target up to the shot release (when the trigger is pulled).
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    Scatt Android APP

    Landscape mode will be introduced in future updates, as we need to make sure that it's well-optimized for all compatible versions of iOS and Android :)
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    installing SW Scatt on PC Mac M1

    Hello there, Your trainer model: WTC-01 is this thing, a control box used in models such as SCATT USB, WS1, and WM9 So whatever your actual trainer model is, it 100% works exclusively with the SCATT Pro software (it's not compatible with BASIC/Expert, so feel free to uninstall those)...
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    Scatt Android APP

    You mean the fact that you are dragging the breach in the app rather than clicking it into a new position? Or is there anything else you like more when the two are compared against each other?
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    SCATT Expert iOS app on Mac M1?

    Hello there, So far M1 provides a built-in emulator as far as I know, but our devs haven't gotten their hands on the new chip yet to run extensive tests. Thus, I can't tell for sure how well it works at the moment. However, this shall become quite irrelevant, since we are going to roll out a...