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    Software versions comparison

    There you go ;)
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    How to charge Scatt?

    Can confirm what Davidf92 has replied above, every option is viable Also, for charging purposes you can use pretty much any USB Type-C cable, so you are not limited to the one that is supplied with the device ;)
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    Specification of Lighthing for MX-02

    Hello there, Yeah, not every LED lamp would suffice! We highly recommend using only flicker-free LED lamps with "warm" spectrum (2700K), incandescent lights or any standard halogen lamp - these are our go-to options when it comes to indoor setups. Additionally, we recommend to have at least...
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    Follow Through

    Judging by the practice file, this doesn't look like a technical problem. However, I would recommend staying away from reflective surfaces and mirrors when it comes to the way you set up the system at home (you didn't answer about the model, but I assume it's an Infra-Red one so USB or WS1...
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    MX-W2 and trigger sensor

    Hello! We do indeed plan to develop and manufacture a new generation of trigger sensors designed for MX-W2. However, these trigger sensors most likely won't be compatible with the vast majority of circulating MX-W2 trainers (hardware version 2) manufactured and sold prior to ~Fall 2020. On top...