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    Your experience with the SCATT Wi-Fi sensor (MX-W2) and their Android app?

    The Android version is working well for me on my Moto Power phone. I wish it was possible to define named shooters and specify who is shooting when starting a new session. I have added a feature request for this under the Software Feature Suggestions section
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    SCATT Android - profiles or ability to tag session with shooter name

    I might just be missing how to do it but it would be great to be able to have profiles by shooter, same as in the PC software. Right now I don't see a way of segregating practice sessions by shooter in the Android version. I use my phone for both me and my daughter's practice sessions and there...
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    SCATT MX-W2 - Initial impressions for highpower practice

    SRA, sorry for the delayed reply. Here is a good explanation:'s%20look%20and%20compare%20two,in%20the%20last%20250%20milliseconds.
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    How does SCATT unit determine distance / scale based on distance

    This is for the SCATT MX-W2 Let's say I am shooting at 10 meters and have the focus / distance ring on the unit set to 10 m. When I print the target I specify a distance of 10 m. When I run the software on my laptop I do not specify the distance to the target, just select the type of target I...
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    SCATT MX-W2 - Initial impressions for highpower practice

    I ended up buying a MX-W2 and have used it for about a month now. Thought I would share some of my initial impressions. I have only used the unit indoors, at 10 meters and 15 meters. The TL;DR; version - it works great and I have learned several things about my shooting in a short period of...
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    Question to highpower shooters who owns a SCATT

    OK. Highpower rapids are shot as 10 shots in 60 seconds (sitting), or 10 shots in 70 seconds (prone) with a mandatory magazine change (always shot magazine of 2 + magazine of 8). So one shot every 3 - 5 seconds. In terms of the sensor exiting the target, is it enough to exit the target black or...
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    Ballistic Ratio

    Peter, can you explain this part further. I don't understand how the coefficient can be determined based on live-fire targets if the SCATT was not used during the live-fire.
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    Question to highpower shooters who owns a SCATT

    Thanks for the comprehensive reply, much appreciated. Just curious, why is it not possible to do live-fire practice of rapids with the mx-02? I can see it not being possible with the WS1 since it is only for dry-fire but are there live-fire limitations with the mx-02 that prevents from using it...
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    Question to highpower shooters who owns a SCATT

    Thanks, that is great info. Do you use it both for dry fire and live fire practice? If so, what distances for the live fire? For dry fire practice, what distance do you have between yourself and the target?
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    Scatt Basic for highpower practice

    Peter, it should still be perfectly possible to use the SCATT Basic for dry-fire practice on a reduced 300 or 600 yard High Power target, would it not? I.e. if those targets were included with the SCATT Basic software they could be used for dry-fire practice, just not live fire practice beyond...
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    Detection of trigger vs closing bolt on AR-15

    Closing the bolt on an AR-15 is a loud event, as the bolt slams into battery. Is the MX-W2 and MX-02 able to differentiate between closing the bolt on an AR-15 and the pulling of the trigger? I.e. how to avoid that closing the bolt is registered as pulling the trigger. Or is this avoided as...
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    Battery replacement

    Is the battery in the MX-W2 replaceable through service, and if so, how much does it cost to replace? Since all rechargeable batteries eventually lose their ability to hold a charge I'm trying to get a better understanding of what could be done at such point (hopefully years in the future) and...
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    Question to highpower shooters who owns a SCATT

    I am looking at buying a SCATT unit, primarily to use for practicing offhand (SR1 target) and prone slow (SR3 target). For those of you who own a SCATT and use it for practicing high-power shooting I would very much appreciate insight on the following: - Which SCATT unit / model do you use and...