• Corsair Carbide Air 240 – CORSAIR Carbide AIR 240 has the following dimensions 397 x 260 x 320 mm. The case comes with 4 expansion slots and three 3.5″ and 2.5″ drive bays. You can mount two 120 mm fans at the front, bottom, and top. One fan can be installed on the right-side panel, and two 80 mm fans can be installed at the back. The case also allows for one 240 mm radiator installation at the front and bottom.
  • Thermaltake Core – Thermaltake Core V21 Micro ATX Cube has the following dimensions: 336 mm x 320 mm x 424 mm. The micro case has a side window that is perforated. Maximum CPU cooler height allowance is 185 mm. GPU allowance is 350 mm and ATX PSU allowance is 200 mm. It also comes with a stacking option, as well as a provision for the rotation of the motherboard.
  • Cooler Master HAF XB EVO – The Cooler Master HAF XB EVO case dimensions are 442 mm x 330 mm x 423 mm and it weighs 8.2 kg. It allows for a VGA card of a maximum 334 mm height. The CPU cooler height can be 180 mm. It also features two 5.5 inches drive bays, four 2.5 inch drive bays and four 3.5 inches bays. Inside the case, there is enough space for 5 cooling fans.
  • Corsair Crystal 280X RGB – Its dimensions are 398mm x 276mm x 351mm, and it is made of steel and tempered glass. The case has 4 expansion slots and a dual-chamber layout. It can also fit in three 240 mm radiators, one each on the roof, front and floor, and inside the case, there is enough space for six 120 mm cooling fans.
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